Makrana Ganesh

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Statue and murti-making are a part of Indian art culture, and using marble stone for making artifacts is part of ancient history. So, over time the craftsmanship and manufacturing techniques are developed to produce better quality statuses in a limited time.

One of India’s leading statue-making companies, Deepak Handicraft And Marble(Bajad Handicraft old name), established in 1995, is constantly fulfilling your need for top-quality marble murti. So, our goal is to provide the best ganesh marble murti and statues to the world, as we have done almost for the past 27 years.

We use the best premium quality marble to make our statues and sculptures. In addition, our cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and new-gen technologies make these statuses famous worldwide. Deepak Handicraft and marble has a team of skilled craftsmen. The 42 years of experienced founder and owner Mr. Narayan Gurjar guide them expertly to create these beautiful arts. So, we maintain detailing, durability, visual aesthetics, and quality to satisfy your needs. We specialize in the Ganesh marble statue,it is our best seller.


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